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My name is Michele Wallace. I am including here a series of photographs that come to me via my membership in the family of Faith Ringgold. Some of them are of me and my various relatives and belong to me. Some of them of the property of Faith, my Mom, and part of her archival collection. As best I can, I try to identify where they pictures were taken, who is in them, and who took the picture. That's part of the project. Also, there are some photographs of art included here, either art as part of my own personal collection, mostly done by Faith or other art by her which I am writing about. Zenfolio provides me with a way of organizing this work in high quality images and also sharing it with people who need to see them.

I am a professor of english at the City College of New York and the CUNY Graduate Center. I specialize in African American culture and literature. I have written a few books: Black MAcho and The Myth of the Superwoman, Invisibility Blues and Dark Designs and Visual Culture. My latest venture has been writing the catalogue essay for Faith's most recent exhibition, American People, Black Light at the Neuberger Museum of Art. I have a Ph.D. in Cinema Studies from the Tisch School of the Arts and New York University. I also have two blogs: http://www.michelefwallace.com and http://www.faithringgoldsociety.org